Productivity Systems Administrator

Virtual Full-time Allows remote

Seeq is searching for Productivity Systems Administrator ("PSA") that is a computer informations systems analyst, database administrator, and/or IT guru.  The Seeq PSA will help administer, maintain, and manage its software systems used by its employees.  Seeq's PSA will have an excellent collaborative personality and enjoys helping others increase their productivity.

The PSA is likely to be undertake the following tasks:

  • Train up and become Sales Force adminstrator and able to develop custom reports.  Will also assist sales and account executives with data entry and will be responsible for helping to cleanse the database through automate or manual tools.  Will lead tool integrations into sales force.
  • Help administer Seeq’s Office365 Admin portal.
  • Able to write VisualBasic code to generator reports from within MS Excel.
  • Assist with the transition for Seeq's current accounting system to its new ERP system, when chosen.
  • Will serve as librarian for keep data files and information organized within Seeq's intranet and internal workspaces.
  • Will serve as system administrator for Seeq's community sofware system.
  • Develop appropriate documentation for users and back-office support.
  • Serve as trainer for many of the tools helping Seeq employees build up capabilities quickly.
  • Serve as first line of support when Seeq employees are having trouble with the tools.
  • Other tasks as assigned to help Seeq employees be productive, effecitive, and efficien


Seeq prefers to emphasize talent, capacity to contribute, and passion for the problem solution over specific experience or background requirements, but even so, the ideal candidate is likely to have most or many of the following characteristics:

  • The ideal candidate has an appropriate degree in IT, MIS, computer systems, or related fields.  Previous work experience is a plus.  For the right candidate, we would be will to arrange training in particular applications to achieve the wizard level.
  • You are regarded by your colleagues as one that ‘adds energy’ to everyone and every project you touch.  You enjoy dissecting and explaining complex tasks.
  • Exploits excellent communication skills and creative insights within multi-disciplinary team environments to contribute to exciting levels of shared vision and productivity.
  • Enjoys customer interactions and solving customer problems.  Able to translate a combination of customer-stated and customer-implied needs into a coherent needs documents for use by software development team.
  • Capble of scripting, for example in Visual Basic, Windows, or Linux commands.
  • Experience working and being successful in a virtual team environment.

This position will be issued equity (stock options) based upon his/her expected contribution.  We are organized as a virtual company with a headquarters in Seattle, WA.  We use state-of-the-art online collaboration tools for development and corporate functions.  Employees can be based virtually anywhere as long as they have access to a good office environment, high-bandwidth connectivity, and willingness to travel for team link-ups several times a year for a few days.  We are actively interviewing candidates throughout the US.