Senior Application Development Engineer

Seattle, Washington, United States | Analytics & Application Development | Full-time | Allows remote


Seeq is searching for a Senior Application Development Engineer to play a critical role in the growth of the company as it serves process industries. In fact, we are seeking 'superstars' in their fields. The Advanced Analytics team at Seeq develops differentiating technologies that delivers value to Seeq’s customers. The Senior Application Development Engineer plays a key role in operationalizing and scaling Seeq’s solutions.

This individual is an expert at developing software that is robust, scales well, and is suitable for operation in industrial settings. This individual articulates implications of various software development, operationalization/scaling choices and identifies near/mid-term opportunities for deploying and enhancing solutions to maximize value for Seeq’s customers.

We are looking for a Senior Applications Engineer that likes to develop customer or vertical applications relying on product APIs.  Seeq has developed some tools to maximize extensibility of its core analytics engine to enable customer specific tools to be layered ontop or within the product either as addons, libraries, or templates.

Focus areas within the company include an emphasis on product engineering, custom solutions, and sales application engineering. The Senior Application Engineer is a critical role and candidates are expected to continuously learn, grow, and contribute across several departments within the company. Various tasks and responsibilities will include analyzing customer needs, prototyping custom solutions, developer specific add-ons, and modules.

Application Engineers need to ultimately understand the existing industrial software paradigm and have a passion for disrupting it with Seeq’s state-of-the-art tools. Ultimately we are about helping our customers drive down costs in energy, food, medicines, and other consumable products to make the world a better place.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop software, user interface, and infrastructure requirements for prototypes and scaled products
  • Partner with Seeq Analytics Engineers to build automated tools for improving workflows at scale.
  • Collaborate with the team to develop production ready software that function seamlessly in industrial environments
  • Co-create with and learn from customers to operationalize solutions and deliver value
  • Collaborate with a group of highly skilled scientists to solve challenging and impactful industry problems.


Seeq prefers to emphasize talent, capacity to contribute, and passion for the problem solution over specific experience or background requirements, but even so, the ideal candidate is likely to have most or many of the following characteristics:

  • Good educational background in one or more related disciplines and may have completed pertinent graduate work.   Example disciplines might be Computer Science, Software Engineering, Applied Mathematics, various engineering and applied science fields.  We find that many of the best application developers are self-taught programmers, but we prefer those that have been exposed to appropriate agile proceses.
  • Industrial analytics software development and deployment architecture experience. Working as an engineer involved with analyzing time-history and process data would be helpful.  Experience using enterprise historians (OSIsoft PI, IP-12, Delta-V, Wonderware, etc.) is particularly valuable.
  • You are regarded by your colleagues as one that ‘adds energy’ to everyone and every project you touch.  You enjoy dissecting and explaining complex tasks.
  • Exploits excellent communication skills and creative insights within multi-disciplinary team environments to contribute to exciting levels of shared vision and productivity.
  • Enjoys customer interactions and solving customer problems.  Able to translate a combination of customer-stated and customer-implied needs into a coherent needs documents for use by software development team.
  • Enjoys working with the latest software products and tools solving real-world business and industrial challenges. Programming experience in Python and other programming languages is a plus. Should be power user of Excel and experience in Matlab, R, Tableau or other BI tools would be helpful.
  • Your are experienced in working and being successful in a virtual team environment.
  • Excitement about the latest developments in machine learning.
  • Experience developing useful or creative UI elements to maximize user engagement
  • Highly proficient skill using backend tools (e.g., python, java, C#, etc.).
  • Facility with front-end tools (e.g., javascript, bootstrap, angular, etc.).
  • Exposure to ML libraries
  • Comfortable with statistics, analytics, etc.
  • Engineering degree required. Prefer graduate degree in computer science, engineering, applied math, or related areas.
  • 5+ years of software development experience

This position will be issued equity (stock options) based upon his/her expected contribution.  We are organized as a virtual company with a headquarters in Seattle, WA.  We use state-of-the-art online collaboration tools for development and corporate functions.  Employees can be based virtually anywhere as long as they have access to a good office environment, high-bandwidth connectivity, and willingness to travel for team link-ups several times a year for a few days as well as to customer sites for 2-day visits about once per month.

The best applicants are ones who include cover letters explaining how their backgrounds, experiences, and interests match into Seeq's position description.  We receive hundreds of applicants for this role, so please help us identify how you can exceptionally contribute to our mission and our future success.